Information about VT Barter

How it works

How it works

Click "Post a new listing" to offer something for trade.

Choose "Goods" or "Services", depending on what you're offering to give.

Choose a Subcategory based on the kind of item or service you're going to offer. Here are some examples:

Used Items - Anything that was purchased at once point, but is not new. Examples: an old TV, a vintage tea set, or a set of encyclopedias
New Items - Anything that was purchased but never used. Should still be in a package if it came in one, and have no signs of wear. Examples: an unassembled Ikea table in box, a brand new iPhone you won in a contest, or a giftcard
Homemade Items - Anything you did not purchase but was constructed, crafted, built, or otherwise created by someone (does not have to be you). Examples: a quilt, a piece of art, or a birdhouse
Food, Drink, and other Consumables - Anything you can eat, drink, or otherwise consume. Examples: jam, cookies, dinner for a week, eggs

Basic Labor - A physical job most people could do. Examples: weed pulling, lawn mowing, housecleaning
Semi-Skilled Labor - A physical job not everyone knows how to do, but could learn with some basic training. Examples: changing oil, room painting, some kinds of gardening, handyman work
Specialized Labor - A physical job that requires extensive training or certification. Examples: plumbing work, repairs, motor maintenance, electrical work
Research/Consulting - Knowledge work with the result of a written report or verbal advise. Examples: genealogical research, job search help, business advice
Technical Services - Assistance fixing or changing something related to computers or other modern technology. Examples: debugging an old computer, hard drive recovery, setting up a new computer, website design
Caregiving - Taking care of someone or something. Examples: babysitting, elder care, pet sitting/training, housesitting

Create a descriptive but concise title. Keep each listing to a single service or item.

Describe the service or good in as much detail as possible.

Describe what "price" you're willing to accept for your service/good. If you're too specific, you're unlikely to get many responses!

List how many items you have (for goods) or how many hours of work you're offering (for services)

Optionally list how much you believe your listing is worth (per item or per hour). This will help people compare your listing to what you're asking in return.

Some basic service pricing guidelines:
$10-20/hour for very basic services
$20-50/hour for skilled services
$50-200/hour for extremely specialized services

Load a few pictures of what you have to offer. Even if you're not offering a physical item, try to show some examples of your work. You're more likely to get offers!

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